During those parts of Dracula where all the men tell Mina to stay behind because it’s too dangerous even after she was the one who figured everything out, I wanted Mina to go and be on her own secret mission to kill vampires. I have a headcanon that after she had kids and supposedly settled down with Jonathan, she still went out and hunted creatures of the night. 

Just thinking about what was fashionable when these movies came out :)

I was in the mood for some cutie mermaids :)

1940s Hero and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. Trying out different styles and such

Having dudes as bathroom mates. Part One.

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I’m in the middle of like four fics where Loki takes Jane off to explore the realms. Plus I’ve listening to Disney on Pandora, so yeah. It was bound to happen.

So many people have requested more Lokane arts so here you go!

I drew my Sigyn today at various ages. From a lonely child, to aggressive teenager, to suspicious adult. 

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I’m pretty sure we were robbed of Thor in a t-shirt and Loki in fur as we were teased in the trailers, so yeah

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Winter’s hard for me, especially living in Minnesota for most of the year. I miss yellow!

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I missed painting! Not to mention I’ve been neglecting my OCs…

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Commission for lokiofasgard of her character Fe and Loki! 

FINALLY I have my version of the mythological Loki. He’s poorly described by Snorri Sturluson except that he was handsome and he slept with all the ladies. I have the headcanon that his hair is often brown but changes based on his associations, like his way of honoring people. When he’s best buds with Thor, red locks. When he’s out in nature just chillin’, brown hair. In my tale, when he breaks free from his chains and sets out for revenge, strung-out and black-haired. 

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Cry God for Harry, ehhhh ladies??

I realized while watching the Hollow Crown’s Henry V that I’ve never seen a production of the play that didn’t have a hunk playing Henry. I mean why not look at this hunk:

oh bby

Commission for Nanihoo’s Sigyn. I adore her Sigyn so much and I really enjoyed doing this! First commission ever! Yay!